A Thin Line Between Love & Revenge
Book Three of "Unravel Series"


Trials and temptations seem to be out for Kendall and Connor when Isabella shows up with a gun to Kendall's face on their wedding day; Kendall is bent on turning Isabella to God even after Isabella attempts to kill her and kidnapping her children.


 Connor is not safe as his past life, and a very notorious old friend shows up, trying to break him and his wife Kendall to the point of no return. 


With many prayers and trust in God, Kendall and Connor were able to get Isabella to salvation, but this old friend from Connor's past life seems difficult, and her approach is about to cost Connor and Kendall a life.  

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A Thin Line Between Love & Revenge

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Fiction/ Romance

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Binding: Paperback

Publication Date: 04/02/2021

Pages: 96

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