A Thin Line Between Love & Fear 
 Book Two of "Unravel Series"


Refreshed and newly divorced, Kendall Alexander fortuitously encounters a handsome man during a flight for her business to New York City. Reeling from mixed emotions caused by her previous marriage, forced to revisit a past filled with scorn, shame, and infidelity. Upon arriving in New York, Kendall has an unexpected encounter with her ex-husband, Larry, revealing a shocking secret – a child unknowingly born of her frozen embryo! Kendall redirects her efforts, seeking answers and sets a course to fight back and expose the vicious crimes committed against her. She continues to question the magnitude of her life's unfairness and is determined not to be defeated a second time. Will Kendall escape her fears and fight? Or will she take the risk and face the terror of life?

A thin line between love  fear front cov

A Thin Line Between Love & Fear 

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Fiction/ Romance

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Binding: Paperback

Publication Date: 03/02/2020

Pages: 168

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