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Battling with ADHD(Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) at a young age August Turner is on a mission to go a whole day with getting some trouble. She begins to feel vulnerable and destructive and always being a wrecker. She could barely handle anything right, no matter how hard she tried. In a bid to make everyone happy at all costs, she caused more damage. In the long run, when she had almost given up, along come to Shadow a little light from within shined bright, coming to save her with encouragement and cheered her on. With all the obstacles and controversies August goes through, her parents and educators genuinely believe that she can go without trouble.

An all-new story of how every action can change if you believe and stay focus. Will August's new friend Shadow who is her imaginative spirit, steered her to be good?

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No Trouble Today

No Trouble Today
illustrated by Dijonai Gibson


Children's Fiction

Product details

Binding : Hardcover/Gloss

Publication Date: 07/10/20 

Sale Date : 07/13/20

Pages: 38

Dimensions: 8.5" wide x 8.5"

Language : English 

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