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Binding: Paperback

Publication Date:07/07/2022

Pages: 74

Dimensions 4.250" x 7.000" (178mm x 108 mm)

Weight: 0.149 lbs

Language: English


Love For My Inner Me
An Unapologetic Plan For Embracing Self-Love



You CAN take control of your HAPPINESS.

God has the plan for your life to be exciting, joyous, and prosperous. 


Do you battle with insecurity? Do you want more confidence within yourself? Do you want to fulfill your dreams with fear? One sure way to make that happen is to reposition your SELF-LOVE into shape.


Discovering your inner love is the first step to being self-assured in anything you do. Entrepenurer, Author, and Writing Coach Erica are passionate about helping others break the chain of self-sabotaging. 


In "Love for My Inner Me," alarm the sounds of becoming a better YOU! Erica shares strategies for how you can ...

  • Develop unconditional inner love 

  • Destroy the fear that traps your potential 

  • Eliminate influences on society 

  • Stand up for life decisions

  • Battle the negative thoughts & feelings. 

Whether you are a man or a woman, it ultimately challenges you to embrace positive behaviors and institute a new path of self-love, confidence, and purpose to believe in yourself, including a 10-Day Self-Love Plan.


You were predestined to love yourself. 

Unlock your inner self-love and stand out boldly. 

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