Two sisters, two doctors Renee and Hilary can testify to that Life isn’t all roses and diamonds


Although their lives look pleasing from the outside, their internal struggles take the most of them. After losing her son, Renee didn’t know what else to do with her life other than to bury herself in work, listening to other people’s problems, so that she could feel better about herself and her predicament.


Not only did she bury herself in work, but Renee also buried herself in her daughter, Vanessa’s life, always trying to control her and everything she does, personally and academically. Not until Vanessa was on the verge of losing her life did Renee decide to mend her ways.


Hillary, on the other hand, suffers from constant abuse from her husband, and just when she got the boldness to leave the man, she finds the most precious thing that she had lost.


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